AF Mission and Values


Mission and Values: Keeping Sight of What Matters


Identifying the mission and values of an organization are essential in shaping its image and steering it toward success. The mission defines an organization, who it serves, what it does, and why it is in operation. The values provide a sense of the organization’s direction, and more importantly, how it is run.
In recognition of the importance of a shared statement of mission – a guidepost for planning to ensure alignment with NMSU’s larger initiatives, the Administration and Finance Division has developed the following mission statement:


The mission of the Administration and Finance Division is to provide New Mexico State University’s students, faculty, and staff with exceptional support services; to ensure excellence in stewardship over the resources entrusted to us by the State of New Mexico, its residents, and the university community; and to support the success of the university’s mission of education, research, extension, and public service.


Administration and Finance Division has worked to name its core values – those responsibilities and concepts that capture how we do business, how we measure success, and most importantly – how we treat people.


                                            We value…







…we value exceptional service.