BPM Summary of changes

In addition to the changes noted below, other changes have been made throughout the referenced chapters for formatting and to provide additional clarification.  Changes identified as substantive are listed separately below:

ChapterSectionTitleChangeDate Changed
5C40.10.10Airline FeesAdded clarification that use of Medical Necessity as a qualifying condition for Seat upgrades or First Class requires an OIE accommodation. Link included to follow the process. Added wording to also require Business Purpose for payment of other fees.12-22-2021
5A5.16Guest PaymentAdded new chapter to coincide with addition of new account code.12-22-2021
9 & 5B9.0 & 5BMobile Communication Device Usage & PayrollUpdated to allow for necessary action due to COVID-193-20-2020
44.40.63Approvers' and Backup Approvers' Responsibilities Updated wording on declined unallowable transactions to reflect change in process. Cardholder is responsible for remitting payment to UAR for the unallowable charge.3-2-2020 ReviewsChanged responsible department from PCard Administration to Procurement Services3-2-2020
5C5C.10.50Foreign Travel Approval and CoverageChanged required to optional in this sentence - Insurance covering the costs involved with returning a person back to the United States for medical treatment or burial services is optional on all foreign travel.2-20-2020
5AVariousVariousUpdated to reflect form changes and add reference to payment guidelines6-11-2019
430.05 & 40.70Direct Pay Request & Reimbursable PurchasesUpdated to reflect form changes and add reference to payment guidelines6-11-2019
5CVariousVariousChapter updated to reflect form changes6-11-2019
1A05.15Agency Index ProceduresNew Agency form replaced the use of the Direct Pay form6-11-2019
5C5C.10.20Geographic Travel CategoriesClarification added for Domestic travel. Changes made to the use of word international; changed to foreign for consistency with account code naming.5-17-2019
5C5CTravelChapter renumbering, section renaming, clarification on procedures, updated to procedures and reworded to "Appropriate Approval" throughout to replace Dean/VP & CC President.1-18-2019
5C5C.10General Travel InformationRemoved: Next level signature approval on an employee reimbursement is recommended. Removed: Three working days are required by the Travel Office to process and are part of the ninety (90) day time limit. Updated: Clarified that receipts are not required on meal & lodging per diem and mileage. Added: Reimbursement is limited to travel one day before and one day after the business to be conducted. Allowance will be made for foreign travel of longer duration. Added: Hotel overnight stays prior to the official fist day of air travel in the airport city requires a bona fide business reason. Added: Exception requests must have a bona fide business reason and justification, with appropriate approval.
Added: Information on the illegible/missing receipts form. Added: Illegible/Missing Receipts form becomes the documentation to support transactions for which receipts are not available.
5C5C.10.10Travelers Eligible for Travel ReimbursementChanged: Section title changed to Traveler Eligibility Updated: Descriptions of NMSU employees, students and non-employees. Updated: Sections referenced to refer to updated sections with this change. Removed: Wording referencing statement on the Board of Regents separate policy. 1-18-2019
5C5C.10.30Federally-Funded Domestic TravelRemoved: Wording1-18-2019
5C5C.10.40Federally-Funded Foreign TravelRemoved: Wording on flight class1-18-2019
5C5C.10.60Travel Expense ReportMoved this section under General Travel Information1-18-2019
5C5C.10.70BMO Financial Group Diners Club Corporate Card ProgramMoved this section under General Travel Information1-18-2019
5C5C.10.80Personal ExpensesMoved this section under General Travel Information1-18-2019
5C5C.20TRAVEL ADVANCESMoved this section1-18-2019
5C5C.20.10Employee Travel AdvanceRemoved reimbursement voucher and added travel expense report1-18-2019
5C5C.20.20Student Team Advance RequirementsMoved this section under Travel Advances1-18-2019
5C5C.20.30Team Travel AdvancesDeleted: The 30 Days from the table
Removed reimbursement voucher and added travel expense report
5C5C.30MEALS AND LOGINGMoved this section1-18-2019
5C5C.30.10Meal and Lodging Per DiemRemoved direct pay form and added travel expense report1-18-2019
5C5C.30.20IncidentalsMoved this section1-18-2019
5C5C.30.30Partial Day Meal Per Diem First and Last day of TravelAdded: wording on per diem table and CONUS Added: Enrollment and Financial Aid/DACC advisors and student team travel are exempt from the nine hour and fifty mile radius.1-18-2019
5C5C.30.40Reimbursement of Actual Meals and Lodging ExpensesRemoved: paragraph on reimbursement of actual expense for lodging, and added wording on the lodging limited to per diem1-18-2019
5C5C.30.50Meal and Lodging Change of PlansMoved this section1-18-2019
5C5C.40TransportationAdded heading1-18-2019
5C5C.40.10Air TransportationAdded the type of class allowed when traveling more than 14 hours1-18-2019
5C5C.40.10.10Airline FeesUpdated wording1-18-2019
5C5C.20.10Federal Funded International Air TransportationRemoved this section1-18-2019
5C5C.40.10.20Chartered Air TransportationAdded Wording1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20Ground Transportation1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.10Personal Vehicle MileageCombined local mileage and allowed mileage into this section; and added verbiage to reflect mileage is allowed when employees are traveling from their primary official place of work.1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.20Vehicle RentalsCombined vehicle rental fuel, vehicle rental class, and vehicle rental insurance to this section1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.30Chartered Ground TransportationSection renumbered and removed wording1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.40Privately Owned Vehicle/AirplaneAdded Wording1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.50Trailers Pulled by Private VehiclesRemoved: Check with travel office for reimbursement rate.1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.60Carpooling Employees for Official TripsSection renumbered1-18-2019
5C5C.40.20.70Driving versus FlyingRemoved reimbursement voucher and added travel expense report1-18-2019
5C5C.50Conference ExpensesAdded Title1-18-2019
5C5C.50.10Conference FeesAdded: Wording on recreational activities or entertainment fees Changed Reimbursement Voucher to Travel Expense Report1-18-2019
5C5C.50.20Conference Lodging/MealsRemoved reimbursement voucher and added travel expense report1-18-2019
5C5C.110Student Team TravelRemoved whole section1-18-2019
1A1A.05.40Depreciating Capital AssetsRemoved the reference to "BPM, Appendix 1A.A" an inserted hyperlink to the Capital Asset Guide.
The Capital Asset Guide is available at: https://af.nmsu.edu/policy-procedures/
88.05.05Accounts Receivable PaymentsUpdated hours and corrected to show that Treasury Services is the contact for wiring instructions3-16-2018
88.05.10Departmental Cash ExchangeNo substantive changes3-16-2018
88.05.15Departmental Credit Card DepositsNo substantive changes3-16-2018
88.05.20Departmental Cash/Check DepositsNo substantive changes3-16-2018
88.05.25Departmental Returned ItemsNo substantive changes3-16-2018
88.15.05Departmental Accounts Receivable InvoicingUpdated to show that invoices exceeding $5,000 must have prior approval from the Bursar and not the AVP of Budget/Controller3-16-2018
88.20.05Approval to Collect and/or Handle CashUpdated approval process and required forms3-16-2018
88.20.10Request a New Cash FundDeleted section – combined with 8.20.053-16-2018
88.20.15Replenish a Petty Cash FundUpdated to show Bursar will review requests greater than $50 and not the AVP of Budget/Controller3-16-2018
88.20.20Returning Cash FundsNo substantive changes3-16-2018
88.20.25Changing Cash Fund CustodiansNo substantive changes3-16-2018
88.25.20Student Accounts Receivable Refunds – Direct DepositDeleted section – not relevant to BPM3-16-2018
88.25.25Student Accounts Receivable Refunds - ChecksDeleted section – not relevant to BPM3-16-2018
88.25.30Collection Procedures for Delinquent Student AccountsDeleted section – not relevant to BPM3-16-2018
88.30Sponsored Students/Third Party BillingDeleted section – not relevant to BPM3-16-2018
410.15Change Orders - Construction ProjectRevise requirements for BOR approval on change orders in accordance with HED requirements1-30-2018
77.05Employment Tax IssuesAdding clothing tax definitions and guidance.1-16-2018
5A40Moving ExpensesAdding language to reflect the IRS change effective 1/1/2018; all moving expense is now taxable.1-3-2018
33.30.05Collections Policy for Grants and Contracts30 Days Outstanding - additions and deletions, 30 to 60 Days Outstanding - additions and deletions, 90 Days Outstanding - additions and deletions, 120 Days Outstanding - additions, 180 Days Outstanding - additions, and After 270 Days - additions and deletions; To ensure accurate and complete procedures4-10-2017
3All and 3.15.50Sponsored Projects AccountingDue to implementation of the Uniform Guidance on 12/26/14, any reference to OMB A-21, A-110 and A-133 will be replaced with Uniform Guidance 2CFR Chapter 1, Chapter II, Part 200, et al. In addition, summarized the UG reference at the end and also updated 3.15.50 with updated UG for cost transfers.1-19-2017
44.40.61Procurement Card EligibilityChanged the reference of the combined Procurement Card Application and Procurement Card Maintenance form to Procurement Card Application.10-12-2016
44.40.60Procurement CardRemoved the term ‘policies’ from section
44.40.61Procurement Card EligibilityRemoved the term ‘policies’ from section
44.40.62Cardholder ResponsibilitiesRemoved the term ‘policies’ from section
Changed the term delinquency to infraction
44.40.63Approvers’ and Backup Approvers’ ResponsibilitiesRemoved the term ‘policies’ from section
Under Approver training – added link to PCard website
44.40.64ComplianceRemoved the term ‘policies’ from section
Added approval to the infraction list and approver assignment rescinded to the 3rd occurrence infraction
Added a statement on infraction notifications
44.40.645PCard Restricted PurchasesAdded – Prepayments and deposits to the list
5C5C.30.65Local Airport MileageAdded long term parking fees so that BPM reflects current practice7-7-2016
44.15Federal Government PurchasesUpdated the effective date of Uniform Guidance for procurement to July 1, 2017; reiterated that prior guidance (OMB Circular A-110) will be followed until that date. 6-15-2016
1A1A.05Agency IndexesAdded clarification
Added allowance of reimbursement vouchers on agency funds with split funding
Added allowance of cash withdrawals with proper backup
44.40.75Sole Source ProcurementClarified the requirements for sole source procurements between $20,000 and $60,000 to comply with statutory requirements. 5-4-2016
5C5C.50HeadingAdded clarification5-1-2016
5C5C.50.05Meals and Lodging Per DiemChanged 15 miles to 50.5-1-2016
5C5C.50.10Same Day Meal Per Diem Added first and last day reimbursed at 75% and 9 hours for for reimbursement of meals at 75%5-1-2016
5C5C.50.20Reimbursement of Actual Meal and Lodging ExpensesLodging reimbursement limited to the applicable lodging per diem or the official conference or meeting hotel or where the University has a negotiated rate, or with dean, vp or community college president approval. 5-1-2016
5C5C.50.30Meal and Lodging Change of PlansAdded approved by dean, vp or community college president. 5-1-2016
5C5C.80IncidentalsRemoved duplicate section. Same as BPM section 5C.90.20. 5-1-2016
5C5C.80.10Personal ExpensesClarified wording. 5-1-2016
5C5C.80.15IncidentalsClarified wording and removed $6.00 incidental.5-1-2016
5C5C.90Travel Expense ReportAdded link to web-based form. 5-1-2016
5C5C.90.05 - 5C.90.25VariousDeleted and added to Web Based Travel Expense Report Instructions5-1-2016
5C5C.100.05Allowable Non-Employee Travel ExpenseClarified wording. 5-1-2016
5C5C.100.10 Reimbursement of Non-Employee Travel Expenses Clarified wording. 5-1-2016
5C5C.100.20Reimbursement of Candidate Recruitment TravelAdded wording on the requirements of the candidate recruitment travel reimbursement form. 5-1-2016
5C5C.110.05Student Team Advance RequirementsAdded wording on what is required for team travel advances. 5-1-2016
44.40.61Procurement Card EligibilityRemoved specific training course names and replace with a statement directing reader to the PCard Website4-8-2016
44.40.64ComplianceRemoved paragraph regarding departmental audits as process is included under compliance reviews4-8-2016
44.40.645PCard Restricted Purchases
Added the words ‘and clothing’ to employee uniforms bullet4-8-2016
5A5A.05.10Gasoline Credit Card PurchasesAdded reference to the Wright Express fuel card. 3-28-2016
Meals, Refreshments, and Hospitality Expenses
Added wording to allow the use of the procurement card (PCard) for business meals with on or off campus vendors.
General Travel Information
Replaced 60 days with 90 days.
Airline Fees
Added wording to capture all other airline fees not listed
Team Travel Advances
Added the team travel authorization requirements removed from Section 5C 110.10, 110.15 and 110.20
Reimbursement of Candidate Recruitment Travel
Reworded and replaced 60 days with 90 days.
Student  Team Travel Authorization Requirements
Deleted section
Student Team Travel Reimbursements Filling Requirements
Deleted section

Student Team Reimbursement Voucher Procedures
Deleted section
44.40.60Procurement CardChanged Delinquency Notice to read – Infraction: Notice received by a cardholder or approver for failure to adhere to the PCard policies and procedures. (Placed in correct alphabetical order on the terms list). Corrected grammar and add PCard website to ‘Cycle Periods Calendar’3-28-2016
44.40.61Procurement Card EligibilityCorrection in last paragraph to change Accounts Payable to CPO.
Added eligibility requirements for cardholders. Added required training names and update links. Changed departmental to Dean/VP/CC President (or designee).
44.40.62Cardholder Responsibilities
Under taxes – Removal of the word rentals.
Added Director to title in first paragraph.
44.40.63Approvers’ and Backup Approvers’
Added an item before Deadline Transactions which states requirement for training.
Added a bullet University unallowable purchases. Updated CPO to Procurement Services. Updated tax bullet. Added approver training requirement and update link.
44.40.64ComplianceUpdated titles: Director of Procurement Services & Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance. Updated infractions to current practice (insert table). 3-28-2016
Non-ComplianceAdded: Non-Compliance Infraction Dismissal - A non-compliance infraction will remain active for twenty four (24) months and then removed from the individual’s record. 3-28-2016
Department Audits
Added: Non-Compliance Infraction Dismissal - A non-compliance infraction will remain active for twenty four (24) months and then removed from the individual’s record. 3-28-2016
Unallowable PCard Purchases
Updated title to read: PCard Restricted Purchases
Bullet 2 – removed the word “airfare” from the travel restricted items.
Bullet 4 – removed (business meals)
Bullet 6 – removed (food products)
Bullets 3, 10, 12, 15 and 18 updated wording
Added a bullet for – Rental and lease agreements
Change Personal tangible property bullet to reflect furniture and equipment
Last bullet updated wording
Added reference to university unallowable purchases BPM section 4.00.45
1C1C.10.25Government-Owned Equipment - ReportsDeleted a reference to a DOD report that became obsolete in 2009. Since then DOE report is obsolete as well.2-23-2016
5C5C.70.05Employee Travel AdvanceReformatted, added non-written rules and clarification on who can receive an advance2-5-2016
5C5C.70.10Team Travel AdvancesReformatted and added non-written rules2-5-2016
5C5C.100.05Allowable Non-Employee Travel Expenses
Removed working stating a local travel agency will be provided an index2-5-2016
5A5A.50Retirement Recognition GuidelinesAdded Retirement Recognition Guidelines section12-4-2015
44.15.15Flowdown ClausesRemoved incorrect threshold on Federal Grants8-18-2015
5C5C.20Air TransportationAdded clarification language to airfare incentives, airfare allowable purchase on PCard and airline fee and upgrade clarification table.8-1-2015
5C5C.50.10Partial Day Meals Per DiemRemoved account codes, added reference to COGNOS Account Code Listing8-1-2015
5A5A.10.05Business MealsEliminated business meal limits.8-1-2015
5A5A.10.05Business MealsClarification of allowable funding source for excess business meal costs.7-1-2015
4A4A.10Physical InventoryRemoved language pertaining to procedures at time of change in department head6-19-2015
4A4A.10.1Inventory ProceduresRemoved Central Property internal procedures6-19-2015
4A4A.10.2Inventory ResultsRemoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.10.3Inventory Upon Termination or Completion of a Government ContractReplaced specific instructions upon termination of government contract and referenced Property Accounting office6-19-2015
4A4A.15.4Transfer of EquipmentRenamed section to "Transfers of Property"6-19-2015
4A4A.15.3Lost or Stolen EquipmentReplaced "equipment" with "taggable property"6-19-2015
4A4A.20.2Used Vehicle Trade-InsRemoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.20.3Sales to General PublicRemoved Central Property internal procedures6-19-2015
4A4A.20.4Sensitive DataUpdated outdated procedures6-19-2015
4A4A.25.1Board of Regents Disposition Approvalremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.25.2Disposition Notification to State Auditor and HEDremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.25.3Disposition Public Recordremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.25.4Disposition Sellingremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.25.5Disposition Destructionremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.25.6Disposition Hazardous Materialremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.25.9Disposition by Saleremoved section6-19-2015
4A4A.35.3Non-University Organization or Individual Loan of EquipmentRenamed section to Use of University Property in Non-University Role. Referenced Property Accounting for verifying federal ownership6-19-2015
4A4A.40Motor VehiclesRenamed section to Motor Vehicle Registration, Removed internal procedures6-19-2015
4A4A.45Personal use of Propertyremoved section6-19-2015
44.15Federal Government PurchasesAdded language to indicate the University intends to comply with OMB circular A-110 for one additional year pending the final procurement standards under Office of Management and Budget 2 CFR Chapter 1-Part 200.6-9-2015
44.40.25HonorariumsEliminated and references Accounts Payable section for further information.6-9-2015
44.40.60Procurement CardAdded the definition of "Construction materials/services"6-9-2015
44.40.645Unallowable PCard PurchasesAdded construction materials/services6-9-2015
44.40.70Reimbursable PurchasesIncreased justification required from $100 to $500. Removed the word "memo"6-9-2015
4A4A.10.1Inventory ProceduresRemoved equipment manager and added custodian6-9-2015
33.15.15Expenses for Grants, Contracts and Gift IndexesAdds a new section at the end of 3.15.15 to discuss the handling of Residual Materials and Supplies exceeding $5,000 on Federal Awards.3-4-2015
5C5C.80.15IncidentalsIncidental expenses removed from per diem rates and allowed to be requested separately.10-1-2014
5C5C.90.20IncidentalsIncidental expenses removed from per diem rates and allowed to be requested separately. 10-1-2014
5C5CTravelTravel sections reorganized to 1) address travel procedures which are common to all types of travelers; i.e., types of travelers, locations of travel, international travel, air transportation, ground transportation, meals and lodging, conference expenses, travel advances and miscellaneous items, then 2) address specific travel reimbursement procedures for specific type of traveler: employees, non-employees, and student teams.8-12-2014
5C5CTravelTravel for periods greater than one year is now subject to review by Treasury Services instead of Director of Procurements Services and Risk Management. Added CONUS definition8-12-2014
5C5C.05General Travel InformationIncreased number of days reimbursements should be submitted to Travel Office Added taxable requirements for travel reimbursements issued greater than sixty (60) days Replaced: "Department Head, Dean, or Director" language throughout chapter to "Dean/Vice President level authority" Removed requirement that all signatures must be original8-12-2014
5C5C.05.05Types of Travelers Eligible for Travel ReimbursementAdded non-employee and members of Board of Regents of NMSU as types of travelers Eliminated Emeritus, Sabbatical and Adjunct Professors from Employee definition and added Emeritus professors to Non-employee definition8-12-2014
5C5C.05.10Geographic Travel CategoriesCombined "Out of Country" and "International" travel definitions Clarified geographic categories depending on whether travel originated and terminated within the State of NM8-12-2014
5C5C.05.25International Travel Approval and CoverageIncreased number of days to submit forms for international travel approval8-12-2014
5C5C.10.10Kidnap and Ransom CoverageRemoved names of specific high risk area locations Corrected office contact for international travel8-12-2014
5C5C.20Air TransportationAdded procedure for airfare reimbursement prior to dates of travel. Added requirements when airfare is purchased using credit from a prior unused ticket. Added standard baggage fees, early bird and seat upgrade reimbursement requirements8-12-2014
5C5C.30.10Vehicle RentalsAdded direct billing of vehicle rental unallowed.8-12-2014
5C5C.30.15Vehicle Rental FuelAdded fuel purchase requirements for rental vehicles.8-12-2014
5C5C.30.20Vehicle Rental ClassAdded vehicle rental classes allowed.8-12-2014
5C5C.30.60Allowed MileageExpanded resources for mileage calculations8-12-2014
5C5C.30.90Driving versus FlyingClarified transportation costs allowed when estimating driving versus flying Clarified documentation required when estimating driving versus flying to include a completed Airfare Equivalency Worksheet8-12-2014
5C5C.50.05Meals and Lodging Per DiemAdded procedure for non-employees' meals and lodging payment8-12-2014
5C5C.50.10Partial Day Meal Per DiemUpdated account codes used for one day recruiting travel8-12-2014
5C5C.50.30Meal and Lodging ChangesGeneralized procedures for changes in travel plans8-12-2014
5C5C.60.10Conference Lodging/MealsClarified procedures for deduction to meal per diem reimbursement when meals included in conference or other charges paid by NMSU8-12-2014
5C5C.70.05Employee Travel AdvanceSpecified index and account code used for employee travel advances. Added taxable requirements for travel reimbursements issued greater than sixty (60) days.8-12-2014
5C5C.70.10Team Travel AdvancesClarified how to obtain travel advances from Agency Funds Increased number of days to clear travel advance Added taxable requirements for travel reimbursements issued greater than sixty (60) days8-12-2014
5C5C.90Employee Travel ReimbursementsReplaced: "All signatures must be original. Facsimile signatures, initials, and signing another employee's name are not acceptable. Employee reimbursements require next level signature approval" with "Next level signature approval on an employee reimbursement is recommended and employees are not allowed to approve their own reimbursements."8-12-2014
5C5C.90.05Statement of Per DiemAdded procedure for multiple travel destinations Added documentation procedures for driving vs. air transportation, including the requirement to attach a completed Airfare Equivalency Worksheet8-12-2014
5C5C.100Non-Employee TravelAdded procedures for payment for non-employee travel.8-12-2014
5C5C.100.05Allowable Non-Employee Travel ExpensesAdded new section to cover allowable non-employee travel, the account code to use and how payment may be made.8-12-2014
5C5C.100.10Reimbursement of Non-Employee Travel ExpensesAdded new section to detail requirements to obtain non-employee travel payments8-12-2014
5C5C.100.20Reimbursement of Candidate Recruitment TravelAdded procedures for non-employee recruitment travel expenses using new Candidate Recruitment Travel Reimbursement form8-12-2014
5C5C.110.10Student Team Travel Authorization RequirementsRemoved requirement to return the original travel authorization to Travel Office if trip is cancelled and specific rate references8-12-2014
5C5C.110.15Student Team Travel Reimbursements Filing RequirementsIncreased number of day to clear travel advances Added taxable requirements for travel reimbursements issued greater than sixty (60) days. Removed approval requirement for individual team member reimbursement.8-12-2014
5C5C.110.20Student Team Reimbursement Voucher ProceduresUpdated sources to obtain mileage figures Increased the number of days to clear travel advances Added taxable requirements for travel reimbursements issued greater than sixty (60) days.8-12-2014
44.00.20Insurance AdministrationCorrected insurance type names and removed types of insurance which are no longer administered through Purchasing6-23-2014
44.00.35Purchase CycleUpdated the Purchase Order cycle6-23-2014
44.00.45Unallowable and Restricted PurchasesUpdated list of unallowable and restricted purchases Moved Pcard restrictions to Pcard section 4.40.606-23-2014
44.05Bid PoliciesRenamed section to "Bid Purchase" Clarified award determination criteria and bid opening procedures6-23-2014
44.05.10Resident SuppliersRemoved informal solicitations which are not applicable, Added New Mexico Veteran supplier to in-state preference, Removed criteria for selection of resident suppliers6-23-2014
44.05.15Sealed ProposalsRenamed section "Request for Proposals", Updated terminology, Removed 1) requirement to include all contractual terms and conditions applicable to the procurement in the request for proposal, , 3) prospective offeror's responsibilities, Removed internal procedures ", 2) allowability of revisions permitted after submission of proposals and prior to award6-23-2014
44.05.18Electronic BiddingAdded new section for on-line bidding system6-23-2014
44.15.10Equipment ScreeningRemoved section and referenced BPM Property Accounting section 1C.10.056-23-2014
44.15.30Price or Cost AnalysisAdded single source procurements to procedure and removed internal procedures6-23-2014
44.20.05Professional Services JustificationRemoved justification requirements for federal agency funding sources6-23-2014
44.30.05Direct Pay Request PurchasesRemoved section and referenced BPM Accounts Payable section 5A.056-23-2014
44.30.15Furniture and Equipment Purchases of $1,000 or MoreCorrected verbiage to "property of $1,000 or more"6-23-2014
44.30.20Petty Cash Purchases for Less than $50Corrected verbiage to "petty cash purchases not exceeding $50"6-23-2014
44.35.10Correspondence Regarding Purchase OrdersRemoved verbiage concerning correspondence and communication with vendors6-23-2014
44.35.15Inspection of Items Received by DepartmentCorrected terminology and deleted return requirements6-23-2014
44.40.15Contractual AgreementsClarified terminology and removed verbiage concerning lease agreements using state-appropriated funds6-23-2014
44.40.20Emergency PurchasesRemoved reference to heavy road equipment. Clarified when an emergency procurement is permissible and current procurement and notification practices 6-23-2014
44.40.45Non-Employee Travel Direct Bill ExpensesRenamed section to Non-Employee Lodging Expenses6-23-2014
44.40.50PrepaymentsGeneralized vendor-required prepayments and Board of Regents approval6-23-2014
44.40.61Procurement Card EligibilityRemoved various level approvals and added training verification6-23-2014
44.40.70Reimbursable PurchasesClarified justification memo approval level6-23-2014
44.40.78Single Source ProcurementAdded new section to reflect single source procurement procedures6-23-2014
44.40.80Trade or ExchangeRemoved Risk Management from departments to report deletions of taggable personal property.6-23-2014
44.40.85Unauthorized PurchasesClarified justification memo approval level6-23-2014
44.45VehiclesDeleted procedures now handled by Transportation and Services6-23-2014
44.45.05Vehicle AccidentsRemoved Purchasing internal procedures6-23-2014
44.45.10Vehicle ColorDeleted procedures now handled by Transportation and Services6-23-2014
44.45.25Vehicle Logos and IdentificationDeleted procedures now handled by Transportation and Services6-23-2014
44.45.35Materials WarehouseRenamed "Materials Management" and removed internal procedures6-23-2014 of Materials and Equipmentremoved section6-23-2014 of Materials and Equipmentremoved section6-23-2014 of Stockremoved section6-23-2014 Inventoryremoved section6-23-2014 Inventoryremoved section6-23-2014 Inventoryremoved section6-23-2014 Inventory Shipmentsremoved section6-23-2014 Quantitiesremoved section6-23-2014
5A5A.00Issuance of PaymentsRetitled from Check Writing Policy to Issuance of Payments. Updated list of checks exempt from procedures and direct deposit option for vendors and students per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.05Direct Pay RequestUpdated list of purchases/services that may be paid by Direct Pay form per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.05.10Gasoline Credit Card PurchasesUpdated for receipt requirement per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.05.20Stipends, Trainee Allowances, and Participant PaymentsAdded Participant Payment requirements per current practice. Payments to employee is clarified to be processed on One-Time Payment Request as per practice.5-30-2014
5A5A.10Employee Spouse Reimbursement of Personal Expenses (Non-Travel)Title change to reflect content of section.5-30-2014
5A5A.10.10Catered MealsAdded procedures for direct billing of restaurant business meals per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.10.15Employee Reimbursement for Purchases of GoodsRemoved section covered in Purchasing and Materials Management procedures5-30-2014
5A5A.15.15Non-allowable PurchasesRemoved section covered in Purchasing and Materials Management procedures5-30-2014
5A5A.15.18Procurement CardsRemoved section covered in Purchasing and Materials Management procedures5-30-2014
5A5A.20Purchase Order DisbursementsAdded procedure when ordering department receives an invoice per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.20.05Purchase Order TypesCorrected usage of terms Purchase Order and Purchase Requisitions5-30-2014
5A5A.20.10Purchase Order Tolerance RulesAdded procedure if an invoice is over a Purchase Order amount per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.25Interdepartmental ChargesRemoved as procedures are part of Accounting and Financial Reporting procedures5-30-2014
5A5A.30Non-employee TravelRemoved as procedures covered in Travel chapter5-30-2014
5A5A.30Gift Cards and Gift CertificatesAdded procedures for purchase and use of gift cards and gift certificates per current practice5-30-2014
5A5A.30.05Direct Bill of Non-employee Travel ExpensesRemoved as procedures covered in Travel chapter5-30-2014
5A5A.30.10Reimbursement of Non-employee Travel ExpensesRemoved as procedures covered in Travel chapter5-30-2014
5A5A.40Moving ExpensesAdded the three requirements needed to satisfy the definition of moving expenses and suggested hiring department responsibilities per current practice5-30-2014
5B5B.05Fringe ratesUpdated employee types to include Term employees4-3-2014
5B5B.10Employee Management SystemsRetitled from NMSU Hiring System to Employee Management System and took out reference to system security and training4-3-2014
5B5B.10.05Processing for Student EmployeesRemoved section as processing for employee types are included in HR procedures4-3-2014
5B5B.13Payroll DeadlinesAdded section to provide guidance on deadlines4-3-2014
5B5B.15Forms - Payroll ActionsUpdated content to provide link to forms4-3-2014
5B5B.20.03Changing Employee InformationAdded SSN, Name and Address change information4-3-2014
5B5B.20.10Direct Bank DepositUpdated for myNMSU (Self-service) procedure4-3-2014
5B5B.20.20Lost Payroll ChecksChanged processing time from 5-7 days to standard practice of 10 days4-3-2014
5B5B.20.45Separated EmployeesAdded Department Responsibilities4-3-2014
5B5B.20.50Employee OverpaymentsAdded process for employee overpayment4-3-2014
88.05.15Deposit Credit Card DepositsAdded American Express credit card to the list of credit cards accepted4-3-2014
88.15.10Departmental Accounts Receivable Payments ReceivedInstructs department how to handle departmental accounts receivable payments received directly in their area after and accounts receivable has been established by University Accounts Receivable4-3-2014
88.15.15Department Accounts Receivable ReportingGeneralizes the accounts receivable reporting procedure to deal with variances in collection actions taken4-3-2014
88.20.05Approval to Collect and/or Handle CashProcedure created to address cash handling requirements to bring in line with Cash Handling Safeguard Guide4-3-2014
88.25.05Student Account Billing/InvoicingProcedure created to address student billing4-3-2014
88.25.10Incidental Charge RequestsProcedure added to address requirements for departments wishing to charge a student account for goods or services4-3-2014
88.25.15Student Accounts Receivable - Returned ItemsEliminated dollar amounts in procedure4-3-2014
88.25.20Student Accounts Receivable Refunds - Direct DepositProcedure created to address accounts receivable direct deposit refunds4-3-2014
88.25.25Student Accounts Receivable Refunds - ChecksProcedure created to address accounts receivable check refunds4-3-2014
88.25.30Collection Procedures for Delinquent Student Accounts ReceivableGeneralized procedures due to variances in collection actions taken on student accounts receivables4-3-2014