In 2016, the A&F Employee Recognition and Rewards EXCITE Program (Engagement, Excellence, Communication, Integrity, Teamwork, Effectiveness) was launched within the Division of Administration and Finance.  The award is made possible by the generous contributions of past and present Administration and Finance employees.                                                                                                                               excite

Employees are nominated year-round and the AF Voice committee chooses a recipient that represents Administration and Finance’s goal of delivering consistently good service to our various customers and helping achieve excellence in the workplace.

The EXCITE recipient joined Administration and Finance in February 1994.  Chel-Marie Barela is the Manager of ID Card Services and she contributes to student success by providing support “behind the scenes.” The results of Chel’s work are broad and support many areas at NMSU including faculty/staff, dining services, housing, student government, and summer conference guests. ID Card Services in one way or another has an impact on each of us as well as every student at main campus, DACC and faculty/staff member, every temporary employee and many affiliates. That is quite an impact on NMSU! Chel works tirelessly to make sure Aggie Welcome and Orientation and DACC student orientation participants receive their Aggie ID cards. She is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and ALWAYS goes the extra mile. Chel is a hardworking, focused and a responsible manager.  Congratulations to the first recipient of the EXCITE award!

We C.A.R.E. Campaign History

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James L. McDonough Annual “We C.A.R.E.” Employee Award

Continuous Awarding & Recognition of our Employees

2015Lynne McClure-FloresAccounting and Finance (FIP)
2014Suzanne MontesSenior VP Admin and Finance
2013Alfonso MarinFacilities and Services
2012Paula PiersonAuxiliary Services
2011Ralph LuceroEmployee Management Services
2010Celeste MartinezHuman Resources Services
2009Stacy DeMartinoTreasury Services
2008Pam PackSenior VP Admin
2007Justo DuranAuxiliary Services
2006Mack AdamsHuman Resource Services
2005Stuart BurkUniversity Accounts Receivable
2004Gloria Orozco

Mary Parra

Accounts Payable

Human Resources
2003D'Anne Stuart

Esther Aguirre
Financial Operations

Budget Office


Ways to Contribute

The “James L. McDonough Employee Recognition Endowed Fund” is supported strictly by the generous contributions of our current and former employees.

The success of this award program is based solely on employee contributions. Your contributions will sustain the award program for years to come. There are three ways to contribute to the fund.

     1. Payroll Deduction https://mypayrollgift.nmsu.edu/login

(Chrome or Firefox recommended / Internet Explorer performance issues)

Select ‘Add New Contribution’

Fund: Under ‘More Funds….’ at bottom of list, select ‘Can’t find your fund?’

Search on ‘McDonough’: Select James L. McDonough Employee Recognition Endowed Fund

Contributions are withheld by way of payroll deduction. The minimum contribution is $2.50 per pay period.

     2. On-line by Credit Card https://advancing.nmsu.edu/givenow

Fund: Under ‘Other (write in)’ enter: James L. McDonough Employee Recognition Endowed Fund

The minimum contribution is $5.00.

     3. One-time donation

Donations can be taken to Hadley Hall South Suite Reception Desk. Make checks payable to:  James L. McDonough Employee Recognition Endowed Fund

The minimum contribution is $5.00.