04/07/14 – New Wireless Service, AggieGuest

NMSU ICT is pleased to announce a new wireless service for all NMSU Las Cruces campus guests called “AggieGuest”.  AggieGuest will provide guests of the university with immediate wireless Internet access.  When connecting to the AggieGuest wireless service, guests will be able to use their favorite web browsers to browse the Internet immediately after accepting the guest’s terms and conditions.  AggieGuest users can now browse the Internet without needing to complete the network registration process for their internet-connected devices.

This service is provided free of charge.  It is intended to provide our guests with a quick and convenient way of connecting to the Internet while visiting the NMSU Las Cruces campus.  This service is limited to Internet web browsing in one-hour increments.  NMSU students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use “AggieAir”, NMSU’s unrestricted full service wireless service.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at noc@nmsu.edu.